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Post by Admin on Wed May 25, 2016 2:54 pm

Recruitment advert

Who are we?

The Celestial Haven is a guild located on the Piken Square server. It was established in 2013 as a home for a small group of real life friends and family while we explored and enjoyed everything this world had to offer! However, with the new and exciting expansion we’ve decided that the time has come to expand and find new friends that share our vision, people who might be looking for a new home with a lovely atmosphere and a mature community. We put our efforts into creating a great place for everyone to feel welcome!

If you’re on the wrong side of the 30’s or older then you’ll find that we have an excellent cake baker that will help you overcome the grief. We know the feeling all too well…

We love all aspects of the game and want likeminded members that enjoy themselves and everything this fantastic game has to give. We do PvP, WvW, Dungeons, Map Exploration, Event Hunting, World Bosses, Jumping Puzzles, Fractals, Guild Missions and much, much more on a weekly basis. The interaction part of the game is very important to us, so we do social events like Treasure Hunting and Costume Balls as well. Piken Square is considered to be one of the unofficial roleplaying realms, so if you are interested in that you’ll find good opportunities here! The social aspect is what binds us all together, why else would you play an online game? A vibrant chat and friends to rely on whenever you need them is what makes the game extra special!

We do not care about your level or class, everyone is welcome, old and new players alike.

We can offer a solid home in Guild Wars 2, where you will find lovely and friendly people that truly cares about the game. We have a Mumble server and a website dedicated to our members.

Oh, and our choice of guild hall is The Gilded Hollow. Because shiny. And it’s coming along nicely! Lots of buffs and expansions unlocked.

Who are you?

Fun loving, kind, dedicated and mature. You’re over 21 years old and loves the game almost as much as we do!

We expect all members to respect and understand that Real Life always comes first. We are all adults with various responsibilities, and sometimes time away from the game is necessary and needed, even for just a break or a breather. Casuals will thrive with us while hardcore players will not. However, at the same time we want players that are active on a regular basis and not just drops by once in a blue moon.
Therefore you must not be discouraged when we ask you to fill in your expected level of activity in our application form.

You acknowledges the fact that while Guild Wars 2 allows people to join several guilds, we expect you to stay true to TCH and dedicate your time and effort into making this guild the best it can be. While we understand that you might have friends in other places we expect you to follow our rule regarding rep, below. This is because we want to keep the close knit, warm family feeling we have worked so hard to achieve!

I need to stress that we don’t mind if you are in other guilds as well, as long as you always prioritize TCH.

This is also why we will not recruit huge numbers, since we do not wish to grow too big. Finding the right balance to keep that family feel is what we’re all about!

If you have any questions or just want a friendly chat, feel free to add: celia.4063

Guild Rules:

- Even though Guild Wars 2 allows you to join several guilds we have a minimum 80% representing rule, this is to avoid the guild turning into a “ghost town”. We expect you to always prioritize TCH, our events and it’s members. If you are violating this rule we will give you a warning before we consider to remove you.

- While the leaders and event organizers will do their best to keep you all active and on your toes, you must also acknowledge that sometimes you simply have to organize your own play time. Bring your fellow guild members along with you on your adventures!!

- We will always put real life first, and therefore we expect our members to understand that there will be quiet periods now and then. If you want someone that can entertain you all day, every day, TCH won’t be for you.

- Guildies who greet each other and say goodbye before logging, who invite others to tag along in their planned activities, who help each other out and who make newcomers feel welcome are the essence of a good community and caring atmosphere. Be polite and a decent human being!

Additional core values:

Respect – For fellow guildies, and for all those with whom we interact. We don’t need to get involved with public namecalling, or to trashtalk the guy that just called you an kitten . If the PuG you just met is 4 other people that possibly spawned straight out of hell, leave quietly and don’t lower yourself to their level.

We will not tolerate any actions done to hurt our beloved guild’s reputation!

Communication – Is good. Is harder than you might think. So if you feel that something’s wrong, or you want to speak out about something, please do. The Guild Leader and the officers will always have a shoulder to lean on and a ear that will listen.

Reliability – This means showing us that you have read these rules and understand the part about activity and representation, and always be on time for events you sign up to.

Teamwork – The ultimate goal. Don`t ask what the guild can do for you, but what you can do for the guild.

If this sounds like a home for you then you will find our application form on our website. Thank you for reading!

Please see our main website here for more information and to apply for membership!


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